Some of the old and new shetches/drawings. I feel like I need to sketch like that so don’t expect any art of me any soon.

My pirates ocs, Rigg and Jimmerick and some ~Jim-the-oni's Billy and Jeff. I'm still a newbie when it comes to drawing humans but I swear to the god I'm gonna learn how to draw them all properly one day.

I love how you drew the kissing one! Aaaah!

Poor Jeff babe, Billy would never kiss him back…. Or maybe he would.


Also the Alexander the Great one is pure gold. <3

((That bloody Jimmerick hehe, you should draw him wounded more.)) =u=

Billy as Alexander the Great.
cuz i can

Billy as Alexander the Great.

cuz i can

I translated my fave comic from my old history book, by my fave artist Darko Macan. He was my early inspiration. <3

Also Alexander the Great. I love that man. So much love.

I love how Mr. Macan drew him. Perfect babe.

[[this comic is really rare i think, i could not find it on internet at all]]


I wanna draw some stuff, but people will cut my fingers if I do.

AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa ((I will draw it for me. One selfish secret drawing))

This is a pretty cool blog you got here.

Ahhhhh thanks~ <3 <3


Back! B)

There was a problem on trip and we had to go back.

Oh well at least I spend all my money on WWII books, Crumb comic and tiny cute Spitfire model. Yus!

Going on trip tomorrow (again)

To Zagreb. To see my cousins and stuff. Bleh.

Probably no digital stuff for 2-3 weeks. But if I catch free wi-fi I will send some doodles and traditional art……

Gonna miss you guys. Bye!

Hair. Why.

After few days, my hair started to look like captain America…..

I decided.

To call my story with Billy….. “Spitting fire” (get it? “Spitfire”??)

So yea. Gonna make font and logo for it soon.

Quick grey animation of Boxer! Billy. 

Quick grey animation of Boxer! Billy. 


"British Tank" Literally……..

And so I was like, lets make au where Billy is buff boxer. I bet Jeff would make great coach……. <3 I love this. He looks so cute with sweaty thick neck. *0*

Drawing gore Jimmerick cuz&#8217; I can! &lt;3
For jekjekyll man.

Drawing gore Jimmerick cuz’ I can! <3

For jekjekyll man.

Bully PLS

Bully PLS


Quick Panty Stocking and Garterbelt style warm up, before I do some serious stuff. Cartoon/Anime was okay, but I just love that style.


Quick Panty Stocking and Garterbelt style warm up, before I do some serious stuff. Cartoon/Anime was okay, but I just love that style.

Name: Jeffrey Kacey Simms

Nicknames: Jeff, Ray, Butter-fingers, Sweaty-boy, Long face…….

Born: 28th October 1918

Sex: Male

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 64 kg

Physical appearance: Slim, weak and bony.

Personality: Awkward, mysterious, shy, loner, serious, plain, fragile, sensitive…. But all in all really loyal and great friend when you get to know him. 

Likes: Piano(dude knows how to play it well), classic music (Mozart is fave), peaceful place, chess, animals (dogs)….
Hates: Noise, lack of sleep, war, food (tomatoes), being sick (still common), pills (still takes them when has to calm down), smoking and alcohol (still does it), his appearance.

Family: ???

((He doesn’t talk too much about it. But when Billy asked him about family, he responded “I never got support I wanted or needed……”))

Short story (how he became pilot): ???

Basically he was there when Billy came. Doesn’t complain too much and takes dogfights with courage and sternly.

Relationships with other pilots:

Usually refereed as emotional and shy pilot. Still his love for arts, culture, loyalty and good heart make him great person to talk to. His best mate is Billy even if he let him down few times. He forgives a lot. ((Also he is secretly in love with that blond guy…….. *shush*))

When he doesn’t chat with Billy, spends times with Aleksy that is also quiet by nature.

Tries to be good with Darwin and Marius. Kinda afraid of Ryan (but likes him) and hates Vlad.