Going on trip tomorrow (again)

To Zagreb. To see my cousins and stuff. Bleh.

Probably no digital stuff for 2-3 weeks. But if I catch free wi-fi I will send some doodles and traditional art……

Gonna miss you guys. Bye!

Hair. Why.

After few days, my hair started to look like captain America…..

I decided.

To call my story with Billy….. “Spitting fire” (get it? “Spitfire”??)

So yea. Gonna make font and logo for it soon.

Quick grey animation of Boxer! Billy. 

Quick grey animation of Boxer! Billy. 


"British Tank" Literally……..

And so I was like, lets make au where Billy is buff boxer. I bet Jeff would make great coach……. <3 I love this. He looks so cute with sweaty thick neck. *0*

Drawing gore Jimmerick cuz&#8217; I can! &lt;3
For jekjekyll man.

Drawing gore Jimmerick cuz’ I can! <3

For jekjekyll man.

Bully PLS

Bully PLS


Quick Panty Stocking and Garterbelt style warm up, before I do some serious stuff. Cartoon/Anime was okay, but I just love that style.


Quick Panty Stocking and Garterbelt style warm up, before I do some serious stuff. Cartoon/Anime was okay, but I just love that style.

Name: Jeffrey Kacey Simms

Nicknames: Jeff, Ray, Butter-fingers, Sweaty-boy, Long face…….

Born: 28th October 1918

Sex: Male

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 64 kg

Physical appearance: Slim, weak and bony.

Personality: Awkward, mysterious, shy, loner, serious, plain, fragile, sensitive…. But all in all really loyal and great friend when you get to know him. 

Likes: Piano(dude knows how to play it well), classic music (Mozart is fave), peaceful place, chess, animals (dogs)….
Hates: Noise, lack of sleep, war, food (tomatoes), being sick (still common), pills (still takes them when has to calm down), smoking and alcohol (still does it), his appearance.

Family: ???

((He doesn’t talk too much about it. But when Billy asked him about family, he responded “I never got support I wanted or needed……”))

Short story (how he became pilot): ???

Basically he was there when Billy came. Doesn’t complain too much and takes dogfights with courage and sternly.

Relationships with other pilots:

Usually refereed as emotional and shy pilot. Still his love for arts, culture, loyalty and good heart make him great person to talk to. His best mate is Billy even if he let him down few times. He forgives a lot. ((Also he is secretly in love with that blond guy…….. *shush*))

When he doesn’t chat with Billy, spends times with Aleksy that is also quiet by nature.

Tries to be good with Darwin and Marius. Kinda afraid of Ryan (but likes him) and hates Vlad.

I think i will make nsfw account for jelly yaoi AU and porn in general…

Should i? ( i have few nsfw pic’s i never published)

Uh oh.

There is allergy all over my back, chest and arms. Burns and its itchy. Hm…..

Billy REF Sheet

Name: William „Billy“ Alvin

Nicknames: Willy, Will, Wilma, Silly, Billy, Blond, Goldilocks, Goldy boy, Horse-face.

Born: 9th April 1922.

Sex: Male

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 67.5 kg

Physical appearance: Slim and tall, yet well build (however no abs).

Personality: Cheerful, funny, ambitious, bit annoying, friendly, pervy, chatty, humorous, imaginative, brave and optimistic. But also gets easy into fights and can harm you with no compassion.

Likes: Writing n’ poetry, books in general, any kind of games, raunchy postcards, girls (especially bigger and chubbier ones but his heart belongs to Lucy, also chubby girl), animals (dogs are fave), food (tea n’ biscuits, sweet stuff in general.), adventures, sunsets, flying.
Hates: Unexpected things, war, clams, hunger, tight clothes, being called girl.

Family: Comes from wealthy family that felt into big debt at the time when he was born. Father James died when he was 5 years old, has older twin sisters(Elizabeth and Emily) and oldest sister that made him love books(Sophie, she died when he was 16 years old). Usually he was known as mama’s fave’ boy…

Short story (how he became pilot):

As lil’ kid from London that read lots of adventure themed books, always dreamed for adventures and exotic landscapes. Soon 1939, signed for army after Britain declared war to Germany in September. In a short while became a pilot after showing a lot of motivation and courage. However he realized “War is not an adventure. War is disease. Like typhoid.” Will he survive the war….?

Relationships with other pilots:

Basically in good friend relationship with any pilot, however usually hangs with Jeff. Absurd bets, talks, chess, visiting pub and jokes are basically what they do. Stole Jeff’s money few times.

When he is not with Jeff, then bothers Darwin or Ryan, they love that. Or pranks Aleksy and Marius. Poor souls.

Avoids Lee and Vlad.

Space AU! Lucy and Jeff. since I can

However I’m planning to work more on original story….. so yea, I think this is the last…….

My friend kadaverini, made me go crazy after future and space. THANKS JACK XD

Oh well I designed Billy, or how he is called in Future Space! AU… “Bill”.

He is ex space soldier, more now known as bounty hunter and well skilled pilot. Lost right arm and jaw in one of his missions but soon got replaced with mechanic ones and yep, he is a sassy lil’ cyborg.

Felt in love with “Gori” goo girl Luuci. ((i made slime aliens… mhm))

He can’t eat food anymore cuz of metal jaw, so he takes special pills made for him. He calls them “painkillers” cuz’ of tasteless overfilling effect that ‘kills’ hunger and gives body energy. However still secretly stuffs real food in his face, he misses real taste of sugar and carbs.

Also on more serious missions goes with his mate Jeff3. Also cyborg, but only human brain and cold metal body. Smarter than Bill and takes jobs more serious.



stuff from yestarday and today morning. 

I am so sorry but lately I’m so influenced by ~squonkhunter’s style, it’s just so amazing I had to try it! I will draw more of my ocs soon as I come back later. Also, ~jim-the-oni’s billy with dem sideburns. It was just an expariment but I liked it! ._. doh… scanner killed the colour…

Aaaaah look at that boys with sideburns! *0*

Ahah co cute.

Also that tentacle lady is rad *u*